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Online Donations!
With our Annual Fund Drive fast approaching, and with more and more people moving away from paper checks, we wanted to provide the option for electronic donations! For anyone who is interested in making a donation to our department, please follow the link below! We thank you in advance for your support!

Member Login
To all IHVFD Members:
When you register, please use your first and last name in the Username box. If it won't allow you to use your first & last name, then contact me via email or cell phone. If you have already registered with a username other than your first & last name, I have already changed it to your name & please use that when logging in.
EX: EMTDoubleA was changed to Ashleigh Allen
Cindya98 was changed to Cindy Collins.

Also, new email addresses will be set up for those of you who wish to use it. You need to email Larry to get it set up once you register. Email address will be ______@ihvfd.com. There will be a list @ the firehouse tonight for you to select your username. Ex: EMTDoubleA@ihvfd.com is mine.

Any questions, let me know.


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